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Top award winning recruiter and author of the book, The Interview Science: For Candidates, Evan G. Pellet, shows you how to get yourself to the front of the line. Are you tired of getting no responses when you submit your resume? Are you sick of wondering whether or not you got the job? Do you want to back command and control your of interview process? Evan will teach you the secret (questions behind the questions) that each hiring manager needs answered before they will offer you the job. This mobile app will give you a format called (How to Interview) which you can read, print, study and refer back to in order to develop your perfect interview strategy and POWER resume. Under the menu you will find a description of every button in the application and what it is used for and how to navigate each section.
This application will also show you how to get the hiring manager's attention, markets your best self, alleviates fear, and see yourself winning! No matter what industry or occupation you are in The Interview Science has been proven to help people get the job. Its time for you to win!
The Interview Science has been tested by Harvard and MIT Phd and MD graduates and proven to win.
Thank you,Evan